Web Design Intensive

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Get my exclusive attention to build, customize, or troubleshoot your web presence in one day.

Are you a business owner who needs a project done ASAP? Or a web designer swamped with work who desperately needs to delegate? Or maybe you’re just eager to get your website off the ground RIGHT NOW?

I’ve got you. Book a Web Design Intensive and get your website up and running. In one day.

Web Design VIP Day

What’s a Web Design Intensive?

Web Design Intensive, also called a VIP Day, it’s a full day of me working exclusively with you. You get me, my web design and coding expertise, and my complete attention, for ten hours altogether. 

Here are a few possibilities of what we can achieve in that time.

For Business Owners

Branding & Graphic Design

If you don’t have any meaningful web presence, I can build you a visual brand in a day. This step is non-negotiable if your goal is to create a sustainable image online. This package includes creating a simple text-based logo, fonts, colors, social media templates, and a full brand style guide that will keep your web presence cohesive and professional.

Website Makeover

Refreshing the look of your website doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, tedious process. With my help, it can be done in a day. I’ll polish up the design, improve the flow, and make your website shine in just ten hours.

One-Page Website In a Day

Need a simple, one-page website done fast? Or maybe a converting landing page to launch a new service? Look no further! I can get your website or page up and running in a day.

Total Troubleshooting

If website issues, email marketing conundrums, or booking system integration problems make you lose sleep, I’m here to fix it all. We can work together or you can hand me a list of bugs to fix and I’ll work alone while consulting you when needed.

For Web Designers

Project Acceleration

If you’re a web designer working with clients and need a hand (because we all know what it’s like to be overbooked), I can be your temporary team member helping you speed up project completion. I can work behind the scenes or be present for your calls with the client during the one-day Intensive.

1-on-1 Training

Learn by doing! Web design skills can be learned fast–in a day. If there is a specific skill or effect you want to learn, or if you’d like to work alongside a seasoned web designer and learn by looking over my shoulder, this is the perfect option for you.

White Label Support

If you need support handling your workload without referring your clients to another web designer, I’m here to help. Just one day of my support will give you a significant boost.

How It Works?

The Process StepbyStep

Web Design Intesive Day is a fast-tracked experience that eliminates waiting times with back-and-forth emails, and allows you to collaborate directly with a skilled designer to quickly bring your ideas to life.

If this is your first time hearing about Day Intensives or VIP Days, here is a helpful breakdown of what it looks like.


Book a Discovery Call

This is where we meet for a brief chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other! During this initial call, I’d like to learn what kind of support you need from me and the amount of work included. We’ll discuss all the ways I can help to make your workload much lighter in a day! Call duration: 20 minutes.



Once we’ve talked over your needs, it’s time to book your Web Design Intensive! To secure my services for an entire day, I’ll direct you to a secure payment portal.


Briefing Call

This is the most necessary step for the Web Design Intensive to be successful. Once you pick a date from my calendar, we’ll meet to chat over Zoom to align your expectations with my capacity. With eight hours to work with, it’s important to make your expectations super clear from the start so we can hit the ground running! Call duration: 1 hour.


Web Design Intensive

We get down to work! Depending on what you need, I’ll work closely with you or on my own while consulting you when needed. It’s important that you are available to answer my questions quickly so we can make the most of our time. During this day, I work only on your project and give you 100% of my attention. One day equals 8 hours of focused, intensive work.



After my work is complete, we’ll meet once more to chat about the results. You can book another Intensive or pick a different option for working with me if that’s what you need. Call duration: 1 hour.


While I’ll strive to give you a realistic estimate of what can be achieved in a day, sometimes a problem might be more complex than it initially appeared. In those rare cases, it might take me more than a day to work through that and an additional fee might be required.

Disclosing all relevant information during the Discovery Call will help us plan for the most successful outcome.

My guarantee to you is that once you book a Web Design Intensive, you’ll get 10 hours of my attention focused only on you and your website.

Your Investement

Pricing & Packages

Web Design Intensive

1500€ (1600 USD)

Invest €1500 ($1600) to book me for a Web Design Intensive Day and start crossing off your to-do list.

  • A Web Design Intensive is a top-tier level of service. It gives you top priority, 100% of my attention, and my support over an entire work day. The standard pricing reflects the premium status of this service.
  • If you’re a DSA Student, you can you can book an entire day with me for half the price: €750! If special pricing applies, we’ll cover that during our Discovery Call.

Other Ways to Work With Me

from €200

If you have a smaller project that won’t take up a full day to complete, I offer other options. 

  • You can book me for a two-hour 1-on-1 session or pick a Half-Day Intensive, so a four-hour day that works the same way as the Web Design Intensive – for half the price.
  • To explore 1-on-1 options of working with me, click here.
  • To book a Half-Day Intensive, book a Discovery Call.